5 Steps to Purchasing a Gazebo

If you love spending time outdoors (which, let’s face it, after 9 months of cool weather most Midwesterners do!), then adding a gazebo to your backyard, garden or community work space is the landscape enhancement for you. Besides offering a great space for entertaining family and friends, adding a gazebo to your landscape boasts other benefits such as improving your yard’s functionality and adding value to your home.

So, considering buying a gazebo? Consider these five important steps to planning for your new gazebo!

1. Choose the spot where your gazebo will go.

It’s true – location, location, location! Choose a spot for your gazebo before even starting your gazebo search. The place your gazebo will stand will influence other factors such as the size of the gazebo and the gazebo style. Additionally, different spots endure different amounts of exposure to the elements. Is the spot you chose safe (for the most part) from too much sun, wind, rain and snow? This will also factor into which gazebo material is best for you.

2. Decide what type of gazebo you’d like.

Will your gazebo be a Do-It-Yourself project or will you hire a contractor to get the job done for you? gazebos.com specializes in handcrafted gazebo kits, suitable for any homeowner (no experience necessary!). If purchasing a gazebo kit, all you will need is a couple of tools, a weekend, and perhaps a friend to complete the job. A gazebo kit is an easy alternative to hiring a contractor because the work is completed on your own time and you have a sense of accomplishment for building it yourself!

3. Choose a gazebo style.

Most homeowner’s buying a gazebo want the new structure to reflect the overall style of the home. What is your home’s current style? Traditional? Modern? Classic? Victorian? gazebos.com hosts an array of gazebo styles to match any unique style.

4. Decide what your gazebo will be used for.

A gazebo can be whatever you want it to be. Whether using the gazebo as a simple place to sit back and relax, an aesthetic centerpiece, hot tub enclosure or an outdoor kitchen or living room, the possibilities of a gazebo are infinite. Knowing how you will use the gazebo will help you determine the size, shape and materials that best suit your needs.

5. Choose wood or vinyl.

Gazebos.com offers wood gazebos and vinyl gazebos. Each material boasts its own benefits. A wood gazebo offers a traditional, rustic feel – and is the perfect choice for the traditionalist looking to add some excitement to their yard. Whether yellow pine or cedar, our wood gazebos are designed to withstand the elements for years to come. However, there is some maintenance involved. The other choice – vinyl – is gaining in popularity. They offer a clean, slick, and slightly more modern look. Even better? They are maintenance free!

So, what are you waiting for? Start your gazebo search today. Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for, request a free quote! You’ll quickly discover we offer other great outdoor structures such as pavilions, pergolas and three season gazebos!

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